Year of the Water Tiger is almost here! On January 22nd, join Marlyna for insights on what's coming for you at her LIVE annual class - 2022 Year of the Water Tiger $30 OFF when you use coupon code "watertiger30"
Year of the Water Tiger is almost here! Get insights on what's coming for you on January 22 at Marlyna's LIVE annual class 2022 Year of the Water Tiger $30 OFF when you use coupon code "watertiger30"



Four Pillars Of
Destiny Reading

To live our greatest potential, to move our lives from fate to destiny, to live in a state of creative consciousness is the potential metaphysics offers us. We are all worthy of living an abundant and happy life.

Our chart is just a blueprint of what is possible.  My job as an enlightened practitioner is to make your potential real, to know what steps to take to live your best life.

Feng Shui

Residents who live in homes with good Feng Shui experience the benefits of more opportunities, increased energy, improved prosperity, strong positive relationships, and life in general flows in a positive way. All methods used are practical and focused on helping you to achieve the results you desire.

A Residential Consultation includes a in-person/virtual site assessment, thorough analysis of the space, and actionable recommendations and steps to move forward.

Business & Workspace
Feng Shui

Simply put, a business or workspace with good Feng Shui is an environment that empowers and supports the business with more energy and opportunities, financial growth, and more productive personnel.

There is nothing cookie-cutter about our approach: we create customized solutions for business of all shapes and sizes that are based directly on your specific goals.

Real Estate

Not all land is created equal. Before you submit that offer to purchase, put a shovel in the ground, or design the building, a thorough site assessment and Feng Shui consultation will ensure you are harnessing the (right type of energy for your specific purpose.

Find out why Master Feng Shui Consultants have been secretly used by the wealthy and elite for centuries worldwide.